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Let’s start with a video that was recorded a few months ago at a Jazz In The Spirit. It’s a duo performance: the wonderful vibraphonist, Dave Ellson and yours truly on piano. We’re working our way through “Delilah”, a composition by the great Clifford Brown that was a staple of the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet’s repertoire. Dave is a vibes master and always plays with exquisite phrasing. We strike a nice groove throughout the performance and keep things interesting during the melody, solos and traded sections — dig in — you’ll find something to hang your hat on! This is strictly a hand-held iPhone video (thanks Gary Hobish, my buddy from SF’s A. Hammer Mastering, for shooting this!) but the intimacy and freshness of the performance is typical of what happens at Jazz In The Spirit at St. Paul’s LC Teaneck NJ. Enjoy!